5 Essential Steps To Becoming A Successful Novelist or Memoirist

This course takes aspiring novelists through the process of creating, publishing, and marketing their books. The Steps also apply to anyone writing a Memoir. This course will include a handout with tools and links for further study.

Crafting Your Story

  • Learn your story's genre beats

  • Consider using a plotting software

  • What to look for when editing your manuscript and why an outside editor is crucial at the final stage

  • Writing tools & resources

Creating Your Author Platform

  • Build an author website that looks professional on a budget or hire a pro

  • Determine which social media platforms to be active on and start building your audience early

  • How to write content that draws an audience

Securing A Publishing Deal

  • Understand all your publishing options and the pros and cons of each

  • The importance of a strong cover, that sends the appropriate message, and meticulous proofing

  • Copyright considerations

Capturing Media Attention

  • Traditional media helps generate buzz on social media

  • How to seek out book reviews

  • Ways to use novel topics and themes for pitches to talk shows and podcasts


Selling Books

  • Learn how to generate sales in launch week to create buzz

  • Amazon is crucial

  • Consider small ad buys on Facebook and other platforms

  • Build sales over time and think about writing a book series to grow your readership

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CAROLINE O'CONNELL helmed a successful public relations firm for 25 years that orchestrated national publicity campaigns for books. She's the author of five travel guidebooks and just completed a novel due out next year, titled Celebration, a contemporary romance in the world of Champagne

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