Animation & Story with The Simpsons' Showrunner & 9-time Emmy-winning writer Al Jean

Join us for an amazing 90-minute session with 9-time Emmy-winning Writer/Producert/Showrunner Al Jean of The Simpsons as we discuss the complexities of storytelling in animation, how animation has developed and changed over the years, and we conclude with a screening and breakdown of The Simpsons' Daddicus Finch episode, written by Al Jean.

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Al Jean's first professional writing job was for the feature film "Airplane 2", which led to his first television job writing jokes for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Al went on to write for several television shows in the '80s, including HBO's Not Necessarily the News, ALF, Charles in Charge, It's Garry Shandling's Show and Sledge Hammer!. He became involved with The Simpsons and helped establish the show's characters and tone during its early years. Al briefly left The Simpsons to create the animated series The Critic with Jon Lovitz, but returned to The Simpsons where he has served as Showrunner for almost 25 years, and won 9 Emmys.