Books to Film: How To Grab Hollywood's Attention

The movie and television businesses have undergone seismic changes. Some of those changes are due to COVID, and others are more deeply rooted in a need for more material as there are more outlets. In today’s marketplace there is an insatiable desire for IP (Intellectual property), which often means a book, and the book does not necessarily need to be published by a big house. As a result, the unpublished writer has a better opportunity to get their book, short story, play or article to Hollywood and be successful than at any other time. Rocky is a 40-year veteran of the motion picture and television industries with major credits and is also a best-selling author. He knows the ins and outs of both worlds. In this session, he will discuss the tools and the tricks that the author needs to get Hollywood’s attention. Rocky will cover what is required to approach film agents, movie and television executives and learn to create a “package” that is attractive to buyers. He'll also discuss assessing the market, and what the networks, studios and streamers are looking for.

This session will help you:

  • Learn the four major tools needed to take YOUR book to Hollywood.

  • How to evaluate the marketplace and identify the right buyers.

  • How to protect your intellectual property.

  • Understand the hierarchy; who to pitch, and how to pitch.

  • Finding the key to the lock on the castle. How to get in and what to do when you do.


And More


Rocky Lang has been involved in the motion picture and television business all his life. He has produced, written, and directed motion pictures, documentaries, television shows, movies-of the-weeks, and mini-series. Among his feature credits, he produced Ridley Scott’s White Squall, starring Jeff Bridges.

Rocky recently executive produced You Can’t Take My Daughter for Lifetime Television. His previous films produced at Lifetime were Girl Fight and the Image Award-nominated, Racing For Time. He is the author of nine books, How I Broke Into Hollywood, published by Regan Books/Harper-Collins, Growing Up Hollywood, HLPI Books, and his new book won the Theater/Library Association’s Richard Wall Special Jury Prize Award Winning bestseller, Letters From Hollywood, published by Abrams Books which won the 2019 Richard Wall Memorial Award Special Jury Prize for exemplary work.

Rock recently made a deal with Turner Classic Movies to produce a series of pieces based on the letters in the book Letters from Hollywood.


Directing assignments have included the long-running hit show Remington Steele, as well as three features: Nervous Ticks (Columbia Tri-Star), Race For Glory (New Century Vista), and All’s Fair (Moviestore). Rock also produced the Emmy Award-winning Titanic, a four-hour mini-series for CBS.