Storytelling In Video Games

Writers block? Stuck in a rut? Afraid of success? Storytelling and interactivity are vital to the success of video games. If you haven't thought about storytelling in videogames, maybe this will help change your mind: In 2020, the videogame market size was a $165 BILLION, with 2.7 BILLION gamers worldwide. Today's videogame storytelling is deep, meaningful and complex. Not only are you telling your story, but you have to put yourself in the position of the player and how they interact with the story. Just like in film and TV, storytelling provides the narrative structure of a game. It involves the same questions which arise when reading a book, watching a show or watching a movie: what kind of story will it tell? How good are the characters? Is the plot memorable? Is the environment engrossing? All these questions are as important to a video game as they are to story in any other medium. And, when successful, the interactivity of the game can inspire players to have discussions and learn new concepts and ideas.



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