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Along with Syd Field and Robert McKee, the Los Angeles Times named David S. Freeman "one of the few screenwriting gurus who has become an institution." The LA Times continued to say, "Freeman eschews theory entirely in his 'Beyond Structure' workshops, preferring to offer writers more than 200 development techniques, allowing them to 'create riveting 3-dimensional characters' and 'write luminous dialogue.'"  

From mid-2016 to mid-2020, David was an Executive Vice President of Fox, and then Disney when Disney bought Fox in 2024. He was hired to train their creative executives and writers in some of the same advanced story and screenwriting techniques he’ll be teaching at the Expo.

As a screenwriter, David has sold and optioned scripts and ideas to Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, MGM, and others.  

For over 25 years, David has taught “Beyond Structure,” one of the most popular screenwriting and script development classes in Los Angeles, London and around the world. Many top screenwriters, directors, and Hollywood executives have been his students, as David’s approach skips theory and instead offers specific techniques – hundreds of them – that help writers, producers, and development executives create unique and emotionally layered characters, dialogue, plots and scenes.


His workshops focus on character development because there are plenty of good books and classes already available on narrative structure. “Instead, I teach characters relationships, dialogue, how to make compelling and unforgettable scenes that are emotionally rich, and how to link the growth of characters to the forward movement of the plot.”

Jane Goldman, screenwriter of "X-Men: First Class,” “Kingsman – The Secret Service,” and may other films, writes, “Beyond Structure is without question the most valuable class I've ever taken. Over the years, I've recommended it to aspiring screenwriters and pros alike. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't stand to benefit from learning the techniques that David teaches.”

An in-demand international speaker and teacher, the MPA (Motion Picture Association) has invited David speak and teach at their Beijing film conference, the Busan International Film Festival in Korea and more, and he regularly teaches and speaks across the United States, Asia, Europe, China, and South Africa. 

"One of the few screenwriting gurus who has become an institution." 
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