Developing Your
Feature Film Idea

Hollywood veteran Doug Eboch takes you on a journey to learn how film stories work to help you develop your concept, and develop your main character. He breaks the elements of narrative storytelling into five parts: character, dilemma, resolution, stakes, and obstacles, and gives thorough explanations of the importance of each, then tells writers to ask themselves six questions to help them define their concept:

  1. Who is the main character?

  2. Why do we care what happens to the main character?

  3. What does the main character want?

  4. What is the main character going to do to get what they want?

  5. What is at stake for the main character?

  6. What is the primary thing that stands in the way of the main character achieving their goal?

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Douglas J. Eboch’s first success in Hollywood was the kind every writer dreams of: a college assignment turned into a script that became his first sale and was made into the hit movie Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon. It broke the record for biggest September opening ever and ended up grossing $128 million domestically. Since then, he has worked as a script doctor and rewriter, including rewriting the upcoming feature film Best of Enemies directed by Donald Petrie.

Doug has not limited his writing to feature films, however. He wrote the acclaimed screenwriting book The Three Stages of Screenwriting and co-authored The Hollywood Pitching Bible with Ken Aguado. He wrote the interactive stories for the Nightmare Cove game app. His children’s Christmas play Sleepover at the Stables has been performed by hundreds of schools, churches and children’s theaters nationwide.

Doug received the Carl Sautter Memorial Screenwriting Award for Best New Voice in Feature Films from Scriptwriters Network. He has a BA in Film Production and an MFA in Screenwriting from USC. He currently teaches screenwriting and pitching at Art Center College of Design. He is valued as a public speaker, having lectured or participated in panels at the following schools and organizations:

USC, UCLA, Loyala Marymount University, Chapman University
Singapore's MediaCorp, The Scriptwriters' Network, The Great American Pitch Fest, Southwest Writers Conference, Screenwriters World Conference, Thriving Artists Circle

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