Story Development: Developing Your First Feature Film

You have a brilliant idea for a screenplay! Or do you? Often the gap between initial inspiration and fully developed idea is greater than immediately apparent. Screenwriter Douglas J. Eboch (SWEET HOME ALABAMA) will discuss how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your idea, and how to develop your solid idea into a fully realized outline with complex characters and themes while avoiding common pitfalls. Many a screenplay has crashed and burned because the writer did not properly develop their initial concept before launching into pages. This presentation can help you prevent that fate befalling you.


Douglas J. Eboch is a screenwriter and director best known for writing the original screenplay for SWEET HOME ALABAMA. He has also written content for games such as NIGHTMARE COVE and DWELLINGS OF ELDERVALE. He is the author of THE THREE STAGES OF SCREENWRITING and co-author, with producer Ken Aguado, of THE HOLLYWOOD PITCHING BIBLE. You can follow him on Twitter at @dougeboch or on Instagram at @douglaseboch

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