Proposing and Writing Do-It-Yourself & Reference Books

The bestselling author of 4 books, including Reality TV, And Another Thing, and 100 Poems About Los Angeles (soon to go into development as a TV Series), Troy discusses how to turn your expertise into an engaging and informative proposal and book.


Topics Covered Include:


  • What do publishers expect to see from a DIY/reference/instructional book proposal?

  • Setting your project apart from similar books on a subject

  • How to turn your book into a career as an expert

  • Much more

Who Benefits from This Course?

Writers of how-to/self-help/DIY book interested in approaching publishers, and writers on niche interests hoping to self-publish cogent, understandable reference books for their established audience.



Troy DeVolld is a reality television producer with a staggering 38 shows under his belt, including stints on everything from Dancing With the Stars to Dinner Impossible. He’s also the author of five bestselling books, including REALITY TV and the viral treatise on the television notes process, And Another Thing, released as a paperback by Story T Media in 2015 after years of being bounced around the Hollywood creative community.

DeVolld is a 2010 Full Sail University Hall of Fame inductee and past Daytime Emmy© nominee. He will soon be releasing his sixth book, Yet Another One Hundred Poems About Los Angeles, the third in a series of candid works about the city. As a writer and tv expert, he has written for or been quoted in works published in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post and elsewhere as well as making appearances as a sometime guest of NBC’s Today, CH7 Australia’s Good Morning and CNN/HLN’s Showbiz Tonight. He has been cited in numerous academic works and spoken on reality tv from L.A. to Tel Aviv as part of the Story Expo and TV Writers Summit Events.

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