Don’t Make a Feature! (Make a short!)  Why it’s better to start small — but not stay that way.

For inexperienced (or no-experience) filmmakers, making a feature film first is a bad idea. The challenges are great, the expense is large, and the likelihood of disaster ever present. There’s a better way, though. Start with a short. Same challenges, smaller scale, more forgiving, more room to grow. Come and learn the why’s and the how’s of making a short over a feature — and when to know you are ready to move up.


Jody is a 2006 graduate of UCLA's MFA in Screenwriting Program.  A former therapist and social worker, Jody Wheeler is an award-winning creative, the writer-producer-director of the mystery-thriller THE DARK PLACE, the writer of the scifi film HEAT WAVE, the producer of the fantasy-drama JUDAS KISS, and producer on the horror-comedy PUPPET KILLER. His most recent science fiction project, HIPPOPOTAMUS, can be seen on the Revry network. His current projects, BEVERLY HILLS LIZARD PEOPLE,  THE QUIETEN, and DARK NUMBERS, are doing combat to make it to the screen.

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