Producing Your Own Screenplay

Bryan’s seminar will cover tips and secrets to producing your own movie whether from your original script, or that one gem you discovered.  Bryan will pull valuable segments and examples from his various books; Filmmaking for Dummies, Smartphone Movie Maker, and Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts (a behind the scenes making of the Harry Potter movies).  You’ll discover how to write the type of screenplay that has all the ingredients that producers are looking for.  You’ll also learn some nifty tricks to getting your screenplay to visually pop off the page to attract a studio or distributor.  If you want to produce your screenplay yourself, Bryan will guide you on how to turn your script into a feature film and land a distributor to showcase your movie around the world.


Bryan Michael Stoller is an award-winning filmmaker and published author.  His books include FILMMAKING FOR DUMMIES, SMARTPHONE MOVIE MAKER, and HARRY POTTER: IMAGINING HOGWARTS.  In addition, Bryan is also the editor of SCREENWRITING FOR DUMMIES.  Bryan's films include Silly Movie 2 (featuring MICHAEL JACKSON in a cameo), Undercover Angel, Light Years Away and Santa Stole Our Dog.  Bryan’s independent film First Dog featuring original songs by Dolly Parton ranked a success on Redbox with a half million rentals, and later aired on FOX in syndication on one Easter Sunday.  Bryan’s film "The Amazing Wizard of Paws” streamed on Netflix and later amassed eleven million views streaming on several AVOD (Advertising On Demand) platforms.  Bryan has sold several screenplays along with the films he produced to the various studios and networks including Universal and Paramount Pictures.