Forging The Path From Inspiration To Story

Your next project can start anywhere – an image, a phrase, a sound. But that initial inspiration can disappear as quickly as it came, leaving you with nothing but a brief moment of excitement and then disappointment. How do you take that flash and transform it into a story that can sustain a movie, a book, or a series?

I used to think it was completely random – some ideas worked, some just died. But then I got one of those flashes and as it grew into something real I was actually able to trace exactly what inspirations, influences, connections and leaps of faith my creative mind had to go through in order to turn it into a series. Understanding this process has changed my approach to story creation, and it should be able to do the same for you.


William Rabkin is a veteran showrunner whose executive producing credits include Monk, Psych, The Glades, the long-running Diagnosis Murder, and the action hit Martial Law. In 2021 he wrote and EP's The Darkest Timeline, has written a dozen pilots for broadcast and cable networks, and has written and/or produced more than 300 hours of dramatic television.


He currently teaches screenwriting in the University of California, Riverside-Palm Desert's MFA program.

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