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James Dalessandro preaches the gospel of "HISTORICAL FICTION, NOT HISTORICAL FRAUD" by integrating interesting fictional characters into real-life eras and events.  His #1 National Best Seller "1906:A NOVEL" helped change San Francisco's history when it exposed the lies and coverups in the death count and culpability of several agencies in adding, not aiding, San Francisco's total demise from the great earthquake and fires.  He talks about finding a great story, developing interesting characters, the joy of research, marketing, selling and promoting and the final coup - selling a great book to Hollywood.  He knows the latter well, as his 1906 novel was the subject of a heated Hollywood bidding war that came down to Steven Spielberg and Barry Levinson.



At age 23, James founded the Santa Cruz Poetry Festival, the nation's largest literary event, with Ken Kesey and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  An alumnus of the UCLA Writing Program, Dean Richard Walter called him a "sensational writer," and Screenwriting 434's Lew Hunter said "he is one of the four or five best screenwriting teachers in the world."  He's published two #1 National Bestsellers: "1906" A Novel," which Brad Bird may direct before James dies, and "Citizen Jane" which was developed at CBS and Court TV before winding up as Hallmarks only true crime movie.  He is the screenwriter of both.  His musical "27" - about the musicians who created the Counter Culture- currently draws sell-out crowds in Las Vegas.  He co-created the new Stan Lee series "Restless," is co-creator and Executive Producer of "Duality" for Starlings Entertainment, and co-creator of the series "Petrosino" with Tom Fontana, based on James feature Playboy article.  He lives in San Francisco.   His previous pitching seminars at Expo have all been SRO. 

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