Understanding The Hollywood Notes Process: From Collaboration To "Notes Hell"

Ever had an idea for an unscripted or reality show, but not know where to start? For almost 15 years, Troy DeVolld has been one of unscripted and reality television's most successful producers. In this information-packed, but fun, session, Troy will give you the insider's scoop on how unscripted/reality shows are really created, developed and sold. Learn what companies are looking for, how to develop your outline and pitch, how to know what companies to approach, the economics of reality and unscripted shows, and much more. And uf you think there's no writing in reality TV, think again. Reality TV employs a slew of top writers in the business. Story is story, and all reality and unscripted shows are scripted in one way, shape or form. 



The author of REALITY TV gives you a no-holds-barred, hard look at how the Hollywood Notes process works. Any time you submit a script, edit or cut of your show, expect the network execs at your production company and network to give you "notes" about "how to improve" your show. This class addresses the question of notes and how to give and take them gracefully along the road to completing projects, the spirit of collaboration, and how to avoid seeing creative input or guidance as an adversarial gesture.

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