How to Write Characters that Audiences Will Never Forget

(Be sure to read the request at the end of this class description.)


This workshop will be taught by David Freeman, who from 2016 through 2020 served as 

an Executive Vice President at Fox, and then Disney when Disney bought Fox in 2019.

Come prepared to write, not just listen.  You’ll learn and practice proven, high-powered

techniques that will ensure you can create memorable characters –– the kinds audiences 

love to see over and over again –– for the rest of your writing career.

David will ensure that, right in the session, you have a chance to practice what you’ll be

learning.  He’ll also show clips from films and TV series that demonstrate these techniques 

in action.  Your writing will absolutely never be the same after this workshop.

A request from David: “For all you wonderful, creative people who’ll be attending and who I can’t wait to meet, I have a request.  I type 70 words a minute so I much prefer to take notes on my laptop rather than handwriting.  But a room full of people typing is very distracting.  Can you please bring a pen and paper for your notes?  I’ll make sure you get it all.  You can use your laptop for your writing exercises.  Thanks for understanding and I’ll see you soon!"



From 2016 to 2020, David Freeman was an Executive Vice President at Fox –– and then Disney when Disney bought Fox in 2019.  He worked at their TV network called Star TV, which has 800 million viewers.  


He was brought on board to create an elite screenwriting program to train superstar writers.  Almost everyone who graduated his program are still working for Disney as full-time writers.

David began is career as a screenwriter, having sold and optioned scripts and ideas to Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Buena Vista Television and others.  


He’s also criss-crossed America, Europe, and Asia teaching screenwriting and development techniques, including for conferences held in China and Korea by the MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America).

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