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     January 8, 2022 (Saturday)                       11:00am-1:00pm Pacific


Pitch Scott Schulman
Literary Manager, Schulman Management

Scott Specializes In All Genres Of Features And Television. 

What He's Looking For:


Diverse writers. TV more than Feature Film, although they are looking at both. For TV, prefer dramas to comedy. For film, dramatic, elevated thrillers, action or syfy. 

About Scott Schulman

Scott Schulman is a literary manager specializing in representing writers and producers. 

Scott recently staffed clients on CBS series "NCIS:LOS ANGELES" and "FBI: MOST WANTED." He also manages two upper-level producers on "THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY" series for Netflix.


He is actively developing with Netflix, Point Grey, Octopie, Good Karma, Snapchat, Great Big Story, Madica and others.


Scott founded Schulman Management after working at More/Medavoy Management for four years, representing both talent and literary clients. Prior to More/Medavoy, Schulman worked at A3 Artist Agency as a junior packaging agent. He started his career at Fremantle in business affairs in both scripted and non-scripted television.


Scott serves on the Board of Directors for the entertainment organization, HRTS Associates.

He is currently building a roster of emerging voices and has a passion for representing and inspiring writers.

“Dream big and dare to fail," says Schulman.

What Are Story Expo Free Pitch Sessions?


You've written your screenplay or TV pilot and you believe it is ready for the market. But, how do you know if your script or pitch are in the best shape to take your project - or your career - to the next level?


Whether you're preparing to find (or switch) representation, or go out with a script to production companies, studios or buyers, Story Expo Pitch Sessions are a great first step to make sure you are on the right track.


Since 2013, Story Expo has maintained relationships with hundreds of top industry professionals dedicated to helping writers start and further their careers. Whether they teach, provide feedback, develop material, manage writers, or produce your movies and TV shows across the spectrum of platforms (film, TV, streaming, digital, etc.), our connections are here to help you further your career. 


For our Pitching Sessions, the executives work with us to listen to your pitch and provide feedback for you, all while finding undiscovered scripts they wouldn't normally have access to. They will help you understand what works and doesn't work with your material so you can continue to hone your script and pitch as you prepare to go to market.


And if an agent, manager or development executive likes your project and wants the script, they will provide you their direct contact information to work with them one-on-one. Story Expo merely serves as your bridge to the executive.

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