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"Truby provides [principles] both to elicit and keep track of the multitude of ideas and details that emerge in transforming the first vague musings into the finished project.”

“One of the most highly respected and sought-out screenwriting instructors.” 

"John Truby [draws] epiphanies that make you see the contours of your psyche as sharply as your script."


"John Truby is the writing guru..."


John Truby is the founder and director of Truby's Writers Studio. Over the past 30 years, he has taught more than fifty thousand students worldwide, including screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, executives, creative directors, producers, directors and more. Together, these creatives have generated more than $16 billion at the box office.

Truby has consulted and taught his Story Master Class around the world to studios and organizations including Globo in Brazil, The Producers Guild and The Writers Guild in Israel, Blue Man Group in New York City, Red Bull in Mexico City (for their South American creative team), HBO in New York, ACAD in Calgary, Disney Studios in Los Angeles and many others. Other top studios Truby has consulted for applying his groundbreaking techniques include Sony Pictures, Fox, HBO, BBC, Canal Plus, AMC and more. 

In addition to his regular consulting, Truby works with individual writers who are actively creating shows, movies and novel series (including top fiction writers and novelists who have topped the New York Times’ Bestseller List, won numerous prestigious literary awards, and have sold over 46 million books worldwide). He draws on a broad range of philosophy and mythology, offering fresh techniques and insightful anecdotes alongside his own unique approach to building an effective, multifaceted narrative.


The author of two bestselling books, The Anatomy of Story and The Anatomy of Genres, Truby shows how story forms explain the way the world works to develop powerful, engaging stories. Understanding the anatomy of storytelling and genres in not just form, but philosophically, enhances the quality of stories to help expand the impact they have on the world.


Truby's presence in social media is also legendary, with his clips and interviews garnering over 1 million views on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more.

John Truby’s techniques and methods are the most modern, exciting approach to writing and storytelling to be developed in a generation. 


“ a totally new system…that allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood.”

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