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Friday, September 27, 2024

6:00pm to 9:00pm

6:00pm: Welcome Reception & Cocktails

6:30-9:00pm: Master Class Opening Session: 


Saturday, September 28, 2024 

8:00am to 8:00pm

8:00-9:15am: DARA MARKS  

8:00-9:15am: Morning Session TBA

8:00-9:15am: Morning Session TBA

9:30am-1:30pm: JOHN TRUBY (Pt. 1)

2:30pm-4:00pm: INDUSTRY Q&A

2:30pm-6:30pm: DAVID S. FREEMAN

4:15pm-6:15pm: CHRISTOPHER VOGLER (Pt. 1)

6:30pm-8:00pm: COREY MANDELL 



  • One-on-one Story Consultation sessions

  • Pitching Room

Sunday, September 29, 2024 

8:00am to 4:30pm

8:00-9:15am: TROY DEVOLLD  

8:00-9:15am: Morning Session TBA

8:00-9:15am: Morning Session TBA

9:30am-1:30pm: JOHN TRUBY (Pt. 2)

1:45pm-2:15pm: INDUSTRY KEYNOTE

2:30pm-4:30pm: CHRISTOPHER VOGLER (Pt. 2)




  • One-on-one Story Consultation sessions

  • Pitching Room

Master Class Course Outlines

Christopher Vogler Master Class


  • The Hero’s Journey Deconstructed:  Know the Pattern but Break It in Every Work

  • Masks of Character:  8 Archetypal Roles that Characters Perform

  • How to Build Character in our Characters 

  • What Myths Tell Us About the Formation of Good Character

  • The Power of Focus and Intention

  • Movies and Metaphor:  Making the Invisible Visible to the Audience

  • The Long and Short of It:  New Roadmaps for New Forms of Entertainment

John Truby Master Class


  • Why Plot is the Overwhelming Key to Your Success and Why Only 2% of Writers Get It Right

  • Techniques of Narrative Drive

  • How Plot Comes from Character

  • Techniques for a Great Opponent

  • Scene List and Scene Weave: Where Plot Is Made or Broken

  • Genre Plot: It’s a Genre World

    • 1. What each genre is really about

    • 2. The hero’s Desire Line

    • 3. The form’s Key Question

    • 4. 1 or 2 key structural techniques

    • 5. A crucial technique for transcending the form

  • How to Mix Genres to Avoid Story Chaos

  • Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Myth, Action, Detective, Crime, Thriller, Memoir-True Story, Comedy, Love

  • Techniques of Rewriting

David on Chinese Movie Set_edited_edited

Corey Mandell Master Class Talk: CREATIVE INTEGRATION - Writing The Script That Changes Your Life


Your script is only as strong as its weakest link.


Which explains why so many writers are never able to reach their full potential. They are either strong at characters and dialogue, but can sometimes struggle with story. Or they excel at structure, only to find themselves coming up short with dimensional characters, dialogue, and emotional resonance.


Even more frustrating, most writers know where they need to improve, but not how to pull that off.

The solution comes from identifying your weaknesses and knowing the right wat to relentlessly attack them in order to turn them into strengths through a process known as Creative Integration. Over 3,000 of the writers Corey has trained this way now have careers, including Academy Award Winners and current TV Showrunners.


Come learn how to finally reach your full potential as a writer, perhaps becoming an even better writer than you knew you could be. You won't find this training anywhere else.

David S. Freeman Master Class: Advanced Character Arc and Defense Mechanism Techniques

(Note: This training begins Friday evening and continues on Saturday)

No character wants to grow through his/her Character Arc. Characters, like most actual people, are more than happy to live forever trapped in their emotional limitations or problems. Thus when the plot forces a character to grow, the character resists. 


We can call all forms of resistance to growth “defense mechanisms.” But, from a screenwriting perspective, some defense mechanisms are better than others. David will show you specific techniques to create compelling character arcs, including both ways to have your characters resist growing, and ways to force them to grow even though they don’t want to. 


When the audience identifies with a character and the character is then forced through a difficult path of growth, this can be very emotional and uplifting for the audience.


HOW TO PREPARE: This is an advanced session and David says you’ll get MUCH more out of it by rewatching "Good Will Hunting" and "As Good As It Gets.” While he’ll talk about numerous other films and show various clips, these two films will be the focus of the advanced techniques he’ll be demonstrating. As he does so, he won’t have time to explain the plots, subplots, or emotional beats of these films; he’ll assume that everyone present has seen them recently or knows them thoroughly. In exchange he promises narrative rocket-fuel for your future screenplays. 

Dara Marks Course Outline - Coming Soon


Story Workshops, One-on-One Story Consultations & Pitching Room 

  • There will be a choice between three Morning Sessions on each Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:00am. These will be more specialized topics that you can pick and choose from.

  • Master Classes with John Truby, Chris Vogler, David Freeman and Corey Mandell will be held in the Masters of Story Theatre.

  • The Pitching Room will be open Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 3pm each day.

  • Also on Saturday and Sunday, we will be offering One-on-One Mini Story Consultations to our participants with some of our speakers like Corey Mandell, Dara Marks, Troy DeVolld and others. These are designed to be 10-12 minutes long.

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