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Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support as we've worked to navigate Story Expo in 2020 during the pandemic. We've been watching it closely, and talking to experts and other organizations, as our priority is your safety. A few quick updates:

1. LA STORY EXPO: Los Angeles has opened back up as of May 27, 2020! This means we are a definite GO with Story Expo 2020 the weekend of Sept. 25-27, 2020 at the Pasadena Convention Center! The schedule will be posted by early July. And, of course, the rooms will be set up to take into account your safety (including socially distant seating), as well as complimentary masks and gloves when you arrive each day. When you register for LA, you can use your ticket for either the 2020 or 2021 conferences.

2. NY STORY EXPO: New York City has been the hardest hit area in the country, and the hotel, city officials and vendors are telling us we will not be able to move forward with an event in August. As much as we held out hope, and explored every possibility, New York City will not be ready to host large conferences until late in the Fall at the earliest. The 2020 NY event will now be postponed to our 2021 dates of March 5-7, 2021. 


3. 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO. Quite possibly our most exciting news is the announcement of 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO taking place August 1-30, 2020! We had so many killer classes lined up for New York, that we wanted to work out a way to still bring you the sessions. We've worked with a lot of amazing speakers and companies to put together 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO - 30 One-Hour Live Classes on Story, Structure, Dialogue, Pitching & More! For each day in August, there will be a live class (via Zoom) to tune into and watch and participate in. If you can't make the live class on any particular day, the classes will be inventoried for you to watch at a time convenient to your schedule. For those interested in pitching, at least 3 of the days are comprised of agents and managers discussing what's hot in the market place, what they're looking for, and reading your logline pitches (privately, of course). The full schedule for 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO is posted here. As always, we are bringing you the top speakers in their fields, as well as major companies like UTA, A&E and others. Right now, you can register for 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO for only $99 (a $70 savings), or add the LA Story Expo or NY Story Expo to your order for only $50 more. 


4. PRICING & FLEXIBILITY. We understand a lot of people haven't been working the last few months, and that budgets may be tighter than usual. We also understand people are anxious to get out there, learn, write and sell their projects. Right now, you can register for 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO for only $99, a $70 savings. You can also register for the LA STORY EXPO or NY STORY EXPO for only $149 (and your tickets includes a pass for 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO). And to give flexibility to those who still may be concerned about participating in the LA Story Expo in September, when you register for Los Angeles you can use your ticket for either the 2020 or 2021 event.

5. HOW TO REGISTER. If you've already registered for either the Los Angeles or New York expos, you will automatically be put on the list to participate in 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO. You don't need to do anything else, and will receive a confirmation by July 1st with details. If you'd like to receive a refund for the NY Story Expo because of the postponement, please just send us a request through our Contact Page, and we will be happy to do so. But if you're ready to register for either 30 Days of Story Expo, LA Story Expo 2020 or NY Story Expo 2021, you can register here:

We are happy and excited to see the world reemerging. We're even more excited to get back to our live conferences, and innovating online experiences like 30 DAYS OF STORY EXPO. Once again, we thank everyone for their kind words and support, and look forward to seeing you soon at a Story Expo event!



Due to concerns over the Coronavirus, Story Expo NY has been pushed back to June 6-7, 2020. This decision was made after consulting organizers from other large conferences in NY that are being postponed, discussing it with our speakers, as well as polling our own attendees (of whom over 80% asked to push it back). Everyone registered has been contacted via email. The safety and well being of our attendees, speakers and guests is always our priority, and we look forward to the Expo in June. The venue (Marriott Marquis) will remain unchanged, as will most of the program. Please click the Contact Us button above if you have any questions.

For more information on conferences and events being postponed or canceled: Click Here

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UPDATE (3/12/20): 

Thank you to all of our registrants who overwhelmingly supported the decision to push Story Expo NY to June 6-7, 2020. We were ahead of the curve from everyone else, and are glad we put people's health, safety and well being above all. We are continuing our plans for a great June expo, but, of course, will be monitoring the news and reports for any changes. Updates will be made here. In the meantime, we've talked to several other organizers and local public health organizations who felt things will start subsiding dramatically in April. If you have any questions, please use the Contact form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to hopefully seeing everyone in June.  

UPDATE (3/20/20): 

Today Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases, said he anticipates the need to "socially distance" ourselves to last "several more weeks." By mid-April we should see things start to get back to normal, giving us, thankfully, almost 2 months before Story Expo in NY.  We are working hard on adding some new great things to the NY event, including new classes, speakers and pitching. Most of our speakers originally scheduled for March were able to confirm for the new June dates, and we look forward to an amazing expo in June! As always, though, we will keep monitoring the news and reports for the latest information. Everyone's health and safety is our first priority.  

UPDATE (4/03/20): 

Thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and emails as we all go through this craziness together. Our priority is always the safety and well being of our attendees, and as we monitor the news on a daily basis, we've also been speaking to a lot of health professionals and event organizers to gauge where things are in the city. The general consensus is New York City will not be ready by early June for large conferences as we hoped, and so we will be moving NY Story Expo to August (most likely early to mid-August). Most importantly, we are committed to bringing Story Expo to NY come hell or high water. We love New York and New York writers, and we will be there for you. If you've already registered for New York and cannot attend in August, please send us a note and request a refund through our Contact Page, or if you'd like to register for NY please visit our Register page. Thank you, and we will see you in NY soon! Watch this page for the latest updates.  


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