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Creating authentic characters is a challenge for every writer. This is an opportunity to Meet Your Characters in the flesh. Learn the innovative Travis Technique™ to turn any actor into one of your characters within a few minutes



MARK W. TRAVIS is regarded by Hollywood and independent film professionals internationally as the world’s leading teacher and consultant on the art and craft of film directing. He is known as “the director’s director.” Fueled by the desire to generate organic and authentic performances in an instant, Mark developed his revolutionary Travis Technique over a span of 40 years. Not limited to filmmakers, The Travis Technique has proven to be an essential set of tools for all storytellers, writers, directors and actors.

Mark Travis has impacted filmmakers worldwide. He has served on the faculty of the University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany (HFF); The Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam, Netherlands; and the Asia Pacific Screen Lab, hosted by Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia.

Mark Travis has taught at many internationally acclaimed film schools and institutions, including Pixar University, American Film Institute, UCLA Film School, FAS Screen Training Ireland, NISS – Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio (Norway), Odessa International Film Festival (Ukraine), CILECT – The International Association of Film and Television Schools, and the Asia Pacific Screen Lab (hosted by Griffith University Film School, Brisbane, Australia).

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