Million Dollar Screenwriting: Break Through 3-Act Structure

Three acts across 120 pages?  It doesn’t have to be that hard! There IS a better approach. Learn the structure method that was designed for movies, created for movies, that’s MADE of movies! Join professional screenwriter and screenwriting mentor Chris Soth as he guides you through the process of breaking down your story into manageable 10-15 page sequences using the "Mini-Movie Method," with each segment being driven by its own tension and telling its own story as part of the greater whole. Avoid that ACT II drag -- never be more than 10-15 pages from a major landmark again and change your life as a writer forever!


Writer/Director-Producer Chris Soth has authored over 40 screenplays and is a frequent speaker on the topics of story structure and independent filmmaking, teaching screenwriters around the world how to write great screenplays AND pitch them for success.  Chris is the writer of Firestorm, released by 20th Century Fox, and the independent hit Outrage: Born in Terror.  He is currently developing a slate of independent films, the first of which, Don't Fall Asleep, is on TUBI.  His directorial debut, SafeWord can be seen on Amazon Prime.  The Bride from Outer Space and Q: DEEP FACK are in post-production.  Chris has taught at USC and UCLA, and currently guides screenwriters from concept to FADE OUT using the "Mini-Movie Method" in his mentorship program at His ebook "Million-Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method" and DVD "SOLD!  How I Set Up Three Pitches in Hollywood," among other great screenwriting resources.

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