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To fully analyze a business requires analyzing three key things: 1) The business 2) The Finances and 3) The Narrative. Everyone knows what Business Analysis consists of – studying company’s products and services and the industry they operate in. And everyone knows what we mean by Financial Analysis – studying financial documents and examining relevant metrics. But what exactly do we mean by Narrative Analysis? It means studying the intangibles – leadership, branding, culture, mission, obstacles, and other factors which may be harder to quantify but are no less important. In fact, they are more important and mastering Narrative Investing will give you a distinct competitive advantage. Whether you’re an investor, executive or entrepreneur this colorful and insightful talk will help you strip the bullshit out of Narrative Analysis and make better decisions. Daniel Joshua Rubin, author of the critically acclaimed, hit book 27 Essentials of Story, Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling from Shakespeare to South Park is a pioneer in the space of Narrative Investing, who has leveraged the principles story to help him achieve CAGR in his personal portfolio of over 41% in the past four years. To learn more about Rubin’s book, please visit StoryPrinciples.Com



Daniel Joshua Rubin has written for television (NBC, the WB); new media (The Motley Fool, National Lampoon); and theater (with plays produced at Steppenwolf in Chicago, and off-Broadway in NYC). He has taught dramatic writing at Loyola University, Chicago, and at the University of California, San Diego. Throughout his career he has worked with some of some of the most talented and successful writers and artists, including Emmy Award-winners, Marta Kaufman (Executive Producer, Friends) Bill Prady (Executive Producer, Big Bang Theory), and Tony Award-winner, Anna D. Shapiro (Director, August: Osage County).

Rubin is a dedicated story scholar with a deep interest the role narrative plays in not only fiction, but business, investing, politics, relationships, personal development and the culture at large. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rubin now lives in Evanston after a decade in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA in Playwriting from the Yale School of Drama, where he graduated with honors and a BS in Drama Studies from the State University of New York at Purchase. He is married to his wife of 27 years, Karen Frederick and has a daughter, Sally Marian.

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