The (Not So) Top-Secret TV Pitch Template You Can’t Live Without

Learn the information you need to provide in the 7 sections of this renowned pitch template and still make a pitch that’s “you on a plate,” taking the opportunity to demonstrate all the things that make you a unique writer.

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Jamie Nash, author of the best-selling Save the Cat!® Writes for TV, has written and sold almost every type of story under the sun, including the horror films Exists, V/H/S/2, The Night Watchmen, Altered, and Lovely Molly, and the family films Santa Hunters and Tiny Christmas. He has written the Middle Grade novels Bunk! and The 44 Rules of Amateur Sleuthing and the sci-fi novel Nomad. Jamie knows what it's like to make a living as a writer. When he’s not writing and selling work, he teaches screenwriting at Johns Hopkins University and MICA and co-hosts the podcast Writers/Blockbusters. Jamie lives in Maryland with his wife, son, and a talking dog.

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