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2022 Schedules Coming Soon!

Sneak Peek of NY Story Expo Speakers:


Robert  McKee

The Legendary Story Master

Keynote: "The Primacy of Story"


Barri Evins

Screenwriting Master Classes TBA


Leslie Gold

Persuasion Through Storytelling


Carmine Appice

Using Story For A Successful Career


Rob Kall

The Science of Story


Loren-Paul Caplin

Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Hofstra & The New School


Michael Tabb 

Pre-Writing Your Screenplay

Editing Your Screenplay

+ More


Troy DeVolld

Inside Story: Hollywood Notes

Unscripted TV Master Class


Marilyn Atlas

Finding An Agent or Manager

Pitching Workshop


Eric Lau

 Documentary Filmmaking Master Class


Mark Travis

The legendary directing teacher comes to NY!


Matthew Stone

Credits inc. "Intolerable Cruelty" with George Clooney, "Life" with Eddie Murphy & More!  IMDb Page

Many More To Come!

Previous Course Titles  @ Story Expo!

Select Course Titles from Story Expo 2018-2022:

  • Writing the WGA Treatment

  • Writing The TV Pilot          

  • The Rewrite: Strengthening Your Structure, Character & Drama

  • WGA Screenwriters Resource Panel

  • The Art of Adaptations 

  • Romance Writers of America Panel

  • Creating Great Characters (plus Unlikable Ones!)

  • Directing Your First Film

  • Narrative Investing

  • Save The Cat! Presents: Building The Story Board

  • Writing Comedy: Techniques and Habits of Mind To Make Things Funny

  • Writing The Micro-Budget Screenplay                     

  • How To Pitch Your Script   

  • Thriller - Suspense - Mystery Master Class

  • How To Write A Page-Turner! 

  • Nailing your Concept Before Starting Your Script

  • Film Financing Crash Course

  • Getting An Agent or Manager

  • How To Stay Persistent On The Road To Publication

  • Master Class in Scene Study

  • The Power of Staging

  • Meet Your Characters

  • Give Me A Great Bad Guy, And I'll Give You A Great Movie

  • Love & Love To Hate: How To Write Compelling Characters 

  • 5 Essential Steps To Becoming A Successful Novelist & Memoirist                                

  • Story & Loglines: Getting Your Screenplay Sold 

  • Networking 101     

  • The 5 Elements Of The Perfect Hollywood Pitch 

  • Breaking Into Writing For Animation                        

  • Creating Strong 3-Dimensional Characters

  • The Secrets of Film Distribution

  • The Role of Dialogue & Dialogue Techniques

  • TV Pitch Template

  • Writers Law School Crash Course                            

  • Method Writing: The First Four Concepts 

  • Introducing Your Protagonist Panel                         

  • Using Story to Educate and Persuade                     

  • 5 Essential Moments in TV & Film Story Structure

  • Advanced Method Writing: The Art of Tonal Dynamics

  • Hollywood Notes Process for Film & TV

  • TV Comedy Pilot Writing                                        

  • Creating Characters                                               

  • The Art & Craft of Professional Rewriting

  • Inside Story: ROSEANNE & THE CONNORS w/Darlene Hunt (Writer/Producer/Creator)

  • Rapid Story Development w/Mike Barker, Head Writer (Family Guy) & Co-Creator (American Dad)

  • Story Structure & The Biology of Narrative 

  • Sequence, Proposition, Plot

  • Unscripted TV: Writing & Selling Your Show           

  • Memoir 101: Writing The Memoir       

  • Representation 101                                                      How Not To Get An Agent                    

  • Dilemma, Crisis, Decision & Action, and Resolution

  • Using AI To Analyze and Determine The Success Of Scripts       

  • Script Supervising A to Z Intensive    

  • Engage On The Page: Subtext To Create A Great Read

  • Radical Approaches to Screenwriting             

  • Film School: Write & Sell                   

  • Film School: Direct & Shoot                                      

  • Novel Writing 1  

  • Writing the TV Spec Script

  • Film School: Distribute & Profit

  • Novel Writing 2

  • Film School: Produce & Finance

  • The Greatest Opportunity For Storytellers is Today

  • Sequencing: The Hidden Art of Great Film Structure


  • How To Write Characters That Audiences Will Never Forget

  • Screenwriting Elevated: Create Outstanding Scripts

  • Writing Love: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

  • Writing The Episodic Show Bible

  • Dr. Walter: Overcoming Writers Block, Fear of Rejection & Fear of Failure

  • Based On: A Non-Lawyers Course on Acquiring Rights For Your TV & Film Project

  • Developing Your First Feature Film Idea

  • Hollywood Pitching      

  • Writing Deep Scenes: Types of Scenes, Plot, Story Layers and More

  • Stealing Hollywood: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors         

  • The Interrogation Process

  • Writing Episodic Content for Streaming & TV  

  • Legion M: The First Fan-Owned Movie Theatre    

  • Do You Write Women?     

  • The Secret of Complex Plots                             

  • Loglines & Pitches That Sell                              

  • Writing The TV Drama / Pilot                           

  • Creating Strong, Multi-Dimensional Characters

  • The Tools To Succeed (In The Industry)          

  • Developing Your Idea (To Pitch & Produce)   

  • The 20 Beats Of All Hit Movies                         

  • Navigating Emotional Corridors                      

  • Writing Efficient, Moving Dialogue                 

  • The Power of Storytelling: Story, Disruption and Impact           

  • Non-Profit Storytelling                          

  • Story Development                                                

  • The Story Of Self: How Do I Tell My Own Story    

  • Telling Story Through Tarot                              

  • The Art of Distraction: Red Herrings to Create Suspense

  • How To Get Your First Paid TV Gig                  

  • Creating TV Storylines That Supercharge Your Pilot

  • Warner Bros: Digital Series Content & Development / Selling To Streaming 

  • Documentary Storytelling 

  • Bulletproofing Your First Act                            

  • Developing, Creating & Selling Your Unscripted/Reality Show

  • Creating The TV Beat Sheet: The Heart Of All Great TV Stories

  • Networking & Representation 101                 

  • Mastering Plot Twists

  • Independent Documentary Filmmaking

  • Don't Make A Feature! (Make A Short!)     

  • Creating A Pitch Deck For Your Film or TV Project

  • Read-Watch-Learn! Master Screenwriting From The Masters of the Art

  • Scene Stealer: Scenes As The Building Blocks For Great Fiction & Memoirs

  • How To Hook an Agent (Or Editor) and Get Published; Query Letters

  • 10 Essential Principles of Plot

  • Storytelling for Anime and Animation                 

  • Star Speakers: Michael Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster (It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Transparent)      

  • 8 Mistakes Screenwriters Make & How To Fix Them

  • 36 Dramatic Situations     

  • Novels: Writing Riveting Scenes in Fiction

  • Creating A Fantastic Story Bible That Sells Your TV Show                          

  • Creating Memorable Characters That Sell     

  • The Nutshell Technique   

  • Hollywood Notes: Understanding The Executive-Writer Hollywood Notes Process               

  • The TV Notes Process: Writers vs. Exec         

  • The Secrets of Mystery Thrillers                          

  • Advanced Script Editing: Script Editing Tricks       

  • Independent Filmmaking & Film Economics

  • From Zero to Story: Prewriting Your Screenplay

  • Three Kinds of Action Movies and How To Write Them

  • Many More!