Screenwriting Contests: How To Pick'em & Win'em!

Why Enter Screenwriting Contests? More importantly, how do you WIN them?  Robert L. McCullough told us, "I flinch at the notion of 'teaching a class' as opposed to making things a bit more 'fun' as we outline exactly what it takes to succeed in the world of screen and television writing competitions as well as in the professional film/tv writing world and beyond." 


Bob has nearly 300 produced script credits and is a founder of The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. He and his team read nearly 2,000 scripts each year, and he knows what it takes for a writer to win the big prize. With a Master's Degree in Screenwriting and a long professional career in which he has helped fledgling writers to become prominent Hollywood producers and showrunners at every major studio, Bob reveals the principles of writing screenplays that win big in the world of screenplay contests, win major competitions, and attract serious attention from Hollywood studios and producers. This session coves point-by-point the essentials behind successful screenplays, and shows you how to demonstrate the professional expertise that will get your scripts noticed. Take this session, and tomorrow you can be writing a script that WINS contests.



Bob McCullough is best known as the creative force behind numerous primetime network television series, and he has created, written and produced a number of successful TV pilots working closely with Hollywood legends like Jerry Bruckheimer, Aaron Spelling, Anthony Hopkins, Jane Wyman, Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson, Candice Bergin, Rod Steiger, Aaron Spelling, and countless others.

Bob has been honored by the Writers Guild of America for Outstanding Writing and Producing on the "101 Best Written TV Series" of all time, and is co-founder of The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, where he and a roster of industry professionals provide high-caliber feedback, guidance, and promotion to aspiring screenwriters with marketable projects.

Bob holds degrees from U.S.C., the University of Texas, The American Film Institute, and Southwestern University of Law, and is a member of The Writers Guild of America and Directors Guild of America.

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