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Get a free taste of one of the most innovative online screenwriting seminars focused on developing your voice as a writer.  “A writer with a voice” is one of the most in-demand qualities in the industry.  It sets you apart from the rest.  It makes you a writer to know.  Instead of chasing reps and execs to read your work, they will track you down.


Seven Topics Essential to Developing Your Voice:


Seven Essential Elements of Story Harness The Primal Power of Storytelling – Learn the ingredients common to all successful stories. Understand how they work, why we love them, and how to harness the primal power of storytelling to enthrall audiences.


Structure: A New Perspective and an Innovative Approach – Structure is simply how our minds have come to understand story over the centuries.  All structure theories are based distilling stories to the common elements that make them work – those that keep the audiences engaged from start to finish.  Conquering structure empowers you to outline and is the key to creating a strong foundation for a story that is rich with depth and meaning that powerfully connects with readers.


Beneath Structure: The Foundation of Story – All the gurus advocate outlining – but what comes before the outline may be even more important. But storytelling is more than plot. Before figuring out “What happens next?” you need to know why it happens.  Discover how to dig deep at the start with the fundamentals: Title, Genre, Logline, Hero, Character Arc, and Theme.


Theme and Personal Thematic: Master The Message and Power Your Work – I ask just one question to all the famous writers who have spoken to my Screenwriting Elevated Online Seminar.  Each immediately knew their answer.  Discover your unique answer to that question and elevate your writing. 


Subtext: Secrets to Activating Emotions and Engaging Readers With Words – Subtext is the unspoken language of emotion.  It is the externalization of characters’ inner thoughts, conflicts, and feelings.  Your task as a screenwriter is to create a blueprint for a film that is visceral, cinematic, and experiential.  That’s what we crave in our stories.  We are hungry for the visceral experience of storytelling – to experience the emotion.  Learn the power of words make scripts engaging.


The Story Creating Recipe: An Integrative Approach From Concept to Fade In – Discover a Universal Story Creating Recipe that works no matter where your process begins.  Learn how Concept, Theme, Character, Arc, and Structure are connected.


The Writer’s Voice: Seven Qualities That Make Your Writing Outstanding – A writer with “a voice” is one of the most sought after qualities by industry professionals because we know it means they’re on the path to a successful career.  Writers with a voice mastered Seven Strengths that makes their work jump off the page, grab readers’ attention, and keep us engaged from Fade In to Fade Out.


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Barri Evins draws on decades of industry experience to help writers elevate their craft and advance their career. A working film producer and longtime industry executive, culminating in President of Production for Debra Hill, Barri developed, packaged, and sold projects to Warners, Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, New Line, and HBO. Known for her keen eye for up and coming talent and spotting engaging ideas that lead to high profile careers and successful films, Barri has worked extensively with A-List writers and directors. 


As a screenwriter, Barri co-wrote original treatments, Meet John Doe, sold in a preemptive six figure sale to Warner Bros. and Unidentified Suburban Object for Fox Family. 


As a consultant, Barri approaches writing from a producer’s point of view, with a passion for both storytelling and nurturing writers.  She enables writers to achieve their vision for their stories and succeed in getting industry attention through innovative seminars, interactive consultations, and empowering mentorship. Barri works with screen and television writers, as well as on fiction and nonfiction projects. Her innovative services and packages, from logline consultations to mentorship offer one-on-one interactive feedback that is effective, constructive, and collaborative. Expect honesty!


Barri has taught at Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, and Blizzard Entertainment. She has been an instructor for UCLA Graduate Producers Program and AFI. She has spoken at writing conferences as well as writing groups around the country. Her current online seminar, Screenwriting Elevated, focuses on building advanced skills, A-List Guest Speakers, and one-on-one mentorship to enable writers to develop and hone their voice. 


She is a Contributing Senior Editor for ScriptMag, with her monthly column, Breaking & Entering, featured since 2012, and is a contributor to Writer’s Digest. A book, Creating Delicious Stories, is in the works.