Story in Spirituality: Using Words To Inspire and Give Hope

A good protagonist makes key decisions that affect the plot and other characters. They primarily influence the story by propelling it forward, and they're often the character who faces the most significant obstacles. Imagine your key protagonist going to Confession - What would they say? What would they confess? What would they ask to be forgiven for? What kind of help would they need? In answering those questions, as the writer, how do YOU, with your words, inspire your protagonist to be a better character, inspire others and give others hope? In this very unique session, join Catholic Priest Fr. Steve Porter as he gives his very uniquely distinct voice to how story can be used to give hope, inspire and change lives - in real life, and in your scripts. 

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When a man was born in India, raised in South Africa, grew up in England, and attended seminary in Italy, where he knew Pope John Paul II (because he translated his speeches and sermons for Vatican Radio), and Mother Teresa (who wanted him to join her on her pilgrimages), you KNOW he has stories to tell.


Father Steve has been a Catholic Priest for more than 40 years in Southern California. He starred in his own unscripted show, "Divine Intervention with Father Steve," that ran for two seasons on the CatholicTV network as their highest rated show, and was to star in a show called "The Thin Line" about exorcisms and possessions that was in development at A&E. In late 2021, Father Steve will be shooting a pilot for a new potential series.

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