Creating Your Own Unscripted or Reality TV Show

Ever had an idea for an unscripted or reality show, but not know where to start? For almost 15 years, Troy DeVolld has been one of unscripted and reality television's most successful producers. In this information-packed, but fun, session, Troy will give you the insider's scoop on how unscripted/reality shows are really created, developed and sold. Learn what companies are looking for, how to develop your outline and pitch, how to know what companies to approach, the economics of reality and unscripted shows, and much more. And uf you think there's no writing in reality TV, think again. Reality TV employs a slew of top writers in the business. Story is story, and all reality and unscripted shows are scripted in one way, shape or form. 



Troy DeVolld is an Emmy-nominated television producer, author and speaker whose credits include stints on popular shows like The Surreal Life, Dancing With the Stars, Basketball Wives, Hollywood Game Night and dozens more. He is considered the preeminent speaker on the unscripted and reality genre in the business.

Troy's books include Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market (MWP) and And Another Thing: A Beginner's Guide to the TV Notes Process.  He has contributed work to or been quoted in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Time, Vanity Fair, Emmy, Written By and elsewhere.  He's also appeared on CNN's Showbiz Tonight and NBC's Today.

DeVolld has lectured at numerous TV Writers Summit and Story Expo events since 2013 in locations as far-flung as London and Tel Aviv.

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