How Do You Escalate Conflict In Your Story? The most important character in your story isn’t the hero, it’s the villain! Story is conflict, and the villain brings the conflict! But nobody ever talks about antagonists! During The Villain's Plan, you'll learn to create a high concept villain's plan, and use escalating conflict to make your script unpredictable. Antagonists are in every genre! What do they want and why do they want it? Learn how to create a very memorable villain!



William C. Martell has written nineteen produced films, including three HBO World Premiere movies: the Tom Clancy style techno-thriller STEEL SHARKS (filmed with full U.S. Navy cooperation) with Gary Busey, Billy Dee Williams, and Billy Warlock, the submarine thriller CRASH DIVE! starring Frederic Forrest, Catherine Bell, Chris Titus, and Michael Dudikoff (also with Navy cooperation), and the sci-fi actioner GRID RUNNERS starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Michael Dorn and Athena Massey (all three produced by Ashok Amritraj, producer of the Bruce Willis Comedy BANDITS and the Steve Martin - Queen Latifah comedy BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE.)

His two Showtime Films include BLACK THUNDER, about a stolen stealth fighter plane, starring Michael Dudikoff and Richard Norton and a sci-fi film (both produced by Andrew Stevens, producer of Jack Nicholson's THE PLEDGE and the Bruce Willis-Matthew Perry film THE WHOLE 9 YARDS and its sequel). He has written a couple of Cinemax Premieres like action-thriller TREACHEROUS which stars Tia Carrere, C. Thomas Howell, and Adam Baldwin (from 20th Century Fox), the martial arts vampire flick NIGHT HUNTER and military action flick THE BASE (starring Mark Dacascos), plus a USA Network thriller.

He was the West Coast Editor of Scr(i)pt Magazine, a contributor to Writer's Digest Magazine, and a past columnist for The Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine. He's also served on the jury of the Raindance Film Festival in London (with director Mike Figgis and actress Saffron Burrows)  multiple times.

Bill has taught screenwriting courses at Sherwood Oaks College in Los Angeles, for Project Greenlight in Los Angeles, at the Cripple Creek (Colorado) Film Festival, the Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) Film Festival, the Temecula (California) Film Festival, Several times at the Santa Fe Screenwriters Conference along side Oscar winners William Kelley (WITNESS), David S. Ward (THE STING), and Oscar nominees Josh Olson (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE), Chris DeVore (THE ELEPHANT MAN) and Mark Medoff (CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD), twice at the Las Vegas Screenwriting Conference along side Steven Katz (SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE), Shane Black (LETHAL WEAPON), and Ross LaManna (RUSH HOUR), and three times taught classes at the Sacramento (California) Film Festival. His two day Script Secrets Screenwriting class has been taught at the Hong Kong Film Festival for several years (sponsored by the Hong Kong Film Academy), at UCB Vancouver, at the Aarhus Film Festival in Denmark, and at several other Film Festivals and events around the world. 

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