Writing Comedy: Techniques and Habits Of Mind To Make Things Funny

A straightforward look at creating comedy for performers, print, TV and stage, from someone who’s made a living for over 40 years “convincing people they need my jokes more than they need their money.” An invaluable session to learn the techniques and habits of mind necessary for making things funny, with examples.

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Andrew Nicholls is a 4-time Emmy nominee who has written for stage, screen and print.  He has sold 80 pilot scripts, of which 32 were produced and 23 have gone to series.  He and Darrell Vickers were head writers of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and have created and produced sitcoms for Bronson Pinchot, Robert Townsend, Courteney Cox, Dabney Coleman and others, besides writing for George Carlin, Mickey Rooney, Garry Shandling, Joan Rivers and Rodney Dangerfield.  


Nicholls & Vickers have written over 400 episodes of TV animation, including Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and The Fairly OddParents

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