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Story Expo is the world's biggest conference of writers and storytellers in all mediums, from film to television to publishing and all points in between. Attracting writers from around the world since 2013, Story Expo has become known for its jam-packed incomparable and intense schedule of speakers, talks, courses, workshops, star speakers, panels and exhibitors. Offering 60 to 80 world class sessions over a single weekend, Story Expo covers all aspects of story and writing - from craft to career. 

At Story Expo, you'll learn how and where your story is best told to achieve its greatest success both financially and creatively. You'll take control of your stories by learning the craft, learning which medium your stories are best told in, understanding the business of storytelling, identifying and using the tools and resources available to you, understanding how to package and pitch your ideas and scripts, and using social media and other techniques to network and maintain a successful writing career.  Most importantly, you'll network with your peers from around the world, forging new friendships, and establishing invaluable relationships and connections.

In addition to featuring the top speakers in the world on the art and craft of story, Story Expo has been proud to welcome several Star Speakers including:


Larry Karaszewski & Scott Alexander,

Emmy & Golden Globe Winning Writers/Prods

Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster, writers for Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie & More

Darlene Hunt, Writer

The Big C, The Conners, Roseanne, The Goldbergs

Arnold Shapiro,

Oscar and 16-time Emmy Winning-Producer

Lee Aronsohn,

Writer/Producer of

The Big Bang Theory,

Two And A Half Men

Rex Pickett

(Author of Sideways)


Melody Beattie,

Bestselling Self-Help Book Author. Over 40 million books sold.

Joe Eszterhas, Hollywood's Top Earning Screenwriter

Peter Mehlman,

Writer/Producer of Seinfeld, including The Yada Yada Episode. 

Writers/Producers of the Emmy-nominated, 15-Season Hit Show 

Criminal Minds.

Syd Field, the late, legendary "Guru of All Screenwriters" (CNN)

Writing Staff of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning show

Ideal For: Screenwriters, TV Writers, Novelists, Filmmakers, Producers, Directors, Graphic Novelists, Journalists, Business Leaders, Podcasters, Graphic Novelists, Game Designers, Comic Book Writers & More. 

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What level of writer attends Story Expo? 

Story Expo is attended by everyone from first time writers to award-winning writers because we feature top speakers in their fields who are known and respected by their peers and the industry.


What is included in the registration fee? 

Unless otherwise noted, your registration fee includes all workshops, sessions, star speakers, talks, courses, pitching, panels and exhibitors. It does not include travel, meals, parking or other incidental charges.

Do I need to have written something before attending? 

No. Whether you've written five scripts, six novels or just have an idea for a TV show, book or podcast, Story Expo is attended by writers at varying points in their writing career. If you're a first time writer with an idea, you may attend for inspiration and to learn how to tell your story (and in what medium). If you're an established writer, you may attend because you're creatively stuck, have writers' block, or are just looking to spark some fresh ideas. 

Should I bring business cards/promotional items to hand out? 

One of the most important things you'll do at Story Expo is network. You never know if the person sitting next to you is an agent, development executive, manager, or a fellow writer with a deal. Strike up conversations with fellow attendees, have business cards ready, maybe bring a few copies of your scripts/treatments/pitches/manuscripts, and even bring a small notebook to keep track of who you met, their contact details and why you'll be in touch with them.

Should I be afraid of someone stealing my idea? 

The answer is simple: Be smart. While the reality of someone stealing your idea is very low, protect your intellectual property by registering it with the WGA (Writers Guild of America), or copyrighting it through the government's Copyright Office

I have an idea for a script/book/project and want to find a writer to help me write it. Can Story Expo help?

At Story Expo you'll be surrounded by 600-800 writers, making it an excellent opportunity to find writers or story specialists to work with.

How do I know what classes/sessions to take? 

After you've registered, a week or two before each Story Expo we compile and email out several potential "Tracks" of classes you might want to take depending on why you're attending. For example, if you're writing a screenplay, we have a "Screenwriter Track" listing classes that might be potentially interesting to you. If you're looking to sell a TV show or screenplay, we have a "Pitch & Sell" track. If you're writing a novel, we have a "Novelist Track" that includes classes specific to your interest. All of these tracks are merely suggestions, and sever as a tool to help you sort through the 60 to 80 classes available.

Do I need to sign up for sessions in advance? 

No, you can pick and choose any classes you want that weekend. A week before each Story Expo, we will email you a printable schedule that you can use to choose the classes you want in advance, or you can just pick up a daily schedule at the event each day and decide on the spot. 

What if I realize a class I'm sitting in isn't for me? 

Just peruse your schedule, pick another class, quietly step out of the class you're in, and quietly step into to the new class you want to attend. 

What if a class is full? 

We are very careful in picking rooms and theaters that can accommodate the number of people expected in each session. Since 2013, we've never had a single person turned away for any session. 

Have another question not answered here? Write us and ask! 

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